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Rules & Conditions

1. You must do nothing which is illegal, abusive, false, misleading, or offensive to any person, while using this site.

2. You absolve anyone in any way connected to this website, for anything whatsoever which may occur while using this website, or as a result of using this website.

3. You agree to provide only such information as relates to yourself or your business, and/or which you have authority to provide, such information being current and correct to the best of your knowledge, and to be kept up to date by you at all times, to the best of your ability.

4. You understand that if you decide to list your telephone information in a free standard 'personal' listing, you are required to provide only your Name, City and Phone Number details. You may if you wish, enter other details in your listing, but please do so with your personal privacy and security in mind.
Your Email address is required if you are listing online. This is NOT shown in a personal listing, but is required simply for contact and/or verification purposes.

5. Where you provide any Website URL's, Links, Business names, color choices etc, these will be considered part of a Commercial listing and may be charged accordingly.

6. Where any legitimate fees, charges or payments of any kind are involved, you agree to pay such charges promptly when advised of these being due. You will have been made aware of any such charges when entering your listing. The current fee is now $5 per year, per listing, where colors or live links are selected.

7. Your listing once placed is permanent, and you are responsible for notifying us if the listing is to be removed or modified. We reserve the right at all times to modify, remove, or refuse any listing, where such is in breach of our rules, NZ Law, good taste etc.

By continuing to use this website, you signify that you have read, understood, and accept the rules of this site. If you do not accept these rules and conditions, you must leave this site immediately.

See also How it Works for more information.

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